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The NEXT generation of hemp farming in the Golden State.



Farmtiva is a full service agricultural hemp company bringing legal preparation, cultivation and processing services to the California farm industry.


Is hemp legal in California?

Yes. The 2014 Federal Farm bill (section 7606), made the cultivation of hemp legal in accordance with state laws. California's AUMA 2016, Prop. 64: Sect. 9: Industrial Hemp permits cultivating hemp for the legal sale of seed, oil and fiber; under regulation of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), on a minimum of one acre, with lab analysis of THC levels below 0.3%


Why grow agricultural hemp?

Agricultural hemp can be grown for food, fiber, construction materials, and for CBD, on as little as one acre of land. California is a premier location to cultivate hemp—with one of the best and largest state farming infrastructures in the US—to supply the estimated $1 billion dollar hemp products market, currently being supplied by imports from Canada and China, and by other US Sates. 

agricultural hemp

How do I start growing hemp?

Farmtiva provides farming support and sales channels for California farmers. Please contact us for more information.

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