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The information on this website is provided for informational purposes only and should in no way be considered as legal advise or permission of any kind to cultivate Agricultural hemp in California or in any other State.

Farmtiva INC does not guaranteeing any financial or cultivation results. Users, seed buyers, and consultees take full responsibility for understanding Federal and State laws, any and all legal ramifications, as well as all legal and financial risks and responsibilities for cultivating and growing Agricultural hemp in the United States, and in California, and in their region. Please consult legal representation and all applicable Federal and State laws.

Users must consult with their regional Agricultural Commissioner in CA, and agreed to and follow their guidelines before cultivating hemp in CA, and must complete the CDFA application before cultivating hemp in CA.

Farmtiva INC does not guarantee percentage of feminized seeds sold, or levels of THC or CBD that legally grown plants are tested at, as growing techniques, climate, etc. will affect these results.

Farmtiva INC does not guarantee results from its consulting as growing techniques, climate, etc. will affect cultivation and testing, etc. results.