The Cannabis Ruderalis cross keeps THC production within compliance levels for this Autoflower/Otto 2 hybrid. The reduction in yields can be overcome by the additional crop cycles and increased plant density. Growers will take advantage of multiple crops per growing season as this hybrid finishes in less than 90 days from germination. Plants finish around 24-48 inches tall. This cross is very cold tolerant, so one can plant in early Feb-March and continue planting rotations late in Late Sept October for certain regions in California.


Soil: A well prepared soil that drains well. It is recommended to obtain an analysis of your soil before considering which fertilizers and how much to apply.

Plant spacing: recommend a much closer spacing 2 spacing in 2 rows. This equals approx.3600 female plants per acre. allowing for disking, tilling or mowing in between rows for weeds. Hotter Climates closer spacing 1’

Nursery Seedlings: Seeds can be sown directly potting mix in a 2 1/2″ x 10″ tree seedling pot produces an excellent rooted plug that can be transplanted directly to the soil. This indoor plug step allows you to pre-sex the plants before transplanting to the field.